Distance from Mountain Breeze Lodge and Resort: 42Km, 45 minutes by car
Tour duration: 4-6 hours

Inhabited since the Bronze Age, the city of Jerash is known to have flourished under the Roman rule. Considered as one of the best preserved Graeco-Roman cities in the Middle East, this ancient site is one of the most visited in Jordan and the region. It will take you a few hours to wander around this archeological park packed with authentic historical and local charm.

The Hippodrome, Hadrian’s Arch, Temple of Artemis and the Archeological Museum are just a few of the sights you can visit.

a thrilling performance

While there you can also enjoy a thrilling performance such as the citizens of the Roman Empire would have been able to see some twenty centuries ago. The Roman Army and Chariot Show, (RACE) gives you the opportunity to witness a colourful demonstration of Roman military capability, gladiator fights and that most Roman of all sports, chariot racing. There are two performances daily, except on Fridays and Tuesdays. Make sure to check with the visitors centre though before scheduling your trip around that to avoid disappointment.

the best extra virgin olive oil

Jerash is also known for its fertile soil and therefore producing some of the best extra virgin olive oil you can ever taste. You can purchase some to take back home from the local farmers from the countryside near the city.

Finally, if you have more time at your hands, continue to visit the Ajloun Castle. This 12-century fortress is only 30 minutes east of Jerash and has amazing views of the Jordan Valley.