The Ultimate Outdoor Adventure Game!

Jordan Paintball Club is the first and still the only woodland paintball field in Jordan. We introduced the sport to Jordan back in 2002 and have a very solid experience in managing a safe and enjoyable paintball venue.

Paintball is a thrilling game of strategy, daring and skill played outdoors in a woodland setting. Players are dressed in camouflage gear, protective goggles and use paintball marking guns that use compressed gas to shoot paintballs, with an effective range of around 80 meters.

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Is it exciting? You bet it is!

We can guarantee you that paintball will be the most exciting game you will ever play. It is the only game that offers you a day out in the open air, the opportunity of hair-raising suspense, and excitement by the bucket loads.


Paintball is one of the safest sports around; at the Jordan Paintball Club nothing is spared to insure your safety and enjoyment. We pride ourselves on our unmatched safety track record.

Kids Zone

In 2016 we have introduced low impact paintball markers which are completely painless and allow kids as young as 9 to participate in this exciting game.

All players are issued with full protection, including special goggles that cover the face and ears, neck protection, heavy duty camouflage outfits and an optional protective vest. We only use high quality paintballs of two different sizes, regular and small size. The paintballs themselves consists of a gelatin shell filled with food grade paint, which is also biodegradable.

The Field

Our field covers an area of 15000 sq metres, fully lit for night time games. The field includes two towers, a number of structures and is peppered with trees and bunkers. The generous size of the field also allows players to effectively plan and execute tactics and strategies that are not possible in smaller fields, this means that you really have to use your brains and execute plans to successfully beat your opponents.

Come to Jordan Paintball Club, we can guarantee that it will be the best fun you’ve had for a very long time!


We use top of the line US made Tippmann markers, which are reliable, accurate and especially designed for paintball fields. Our masks are also standard issue US made paintball goggles that offer the best possible safety and comfort.

Game Scenarios

There are a number of scenarios that are available to players depending on their skill levels and experience.

A full games menu is available here