How to book?

Simply call us at 0796382828, or email us at info@mountainbreeze.jo and make a reservation.

Do I need to book in advance to play a game or can I just walk-in?

Yes, you need to book in advance to make sure the field is available, but we will try our best to accommodate you should you arrive without a booking.

What to bring?

Comfortable boots that support your ankles, and a friendly attitude (we supply the camouflage outfits, all the gear and the excitement).

Who plays?

Anyone over the age of 9. No prior experience is required; our staff will teach you all there is to know. Kids under 9 can use our paintball target range.

What other activities are available for kids who do not want to play paintball?

We also offer paintball target shooting and archery.

Do you have special paintball bullets for kids?

Yes! We have low impact paintball bullets that are smaller than the regular ones, and much less painful.