Game Scenarios

Capture the flag

Each team has a flag at or near their base with the objective being to retrieve your opposition’s flag and get it back to your base whilst defending your own flag. Unlike the Bulldog scenario often the stealth like approach can be effective.

Bulldog – Centre Flag Games

A single flag is placed at centre field usually visible from team bases. The objective is to gain possession of the flag and place it at your opposition’s base. Often it is necessary to eliminate all opposition players to achieve this. This format produces fast action packed play.


Our most popular scenario game.

A player from each team, usually the loudest characters in each group are chosen as team medics. We fit them out with a medics coat so they stand out like you know what. When tagged in this game, rather than go to the elimination zone, players stay on field with their gun in the air calling ‘medic’. All the medic has to do is touch you and you’re back in the game. The medic has a paintball marker as normal and can tag opposition players. Once the medic has been tagged three times, he or she is eliminated.

Shoot the General

Team captains or would-be Rambos make good Generals.

This game can be played with just one general or one per team. Rather than a flag the General becomes the objective. Shoot the General on the opposing team and you win. Players become bodyguards for their general. If playing with two generals the first out loses. If playing with one, the General must retrieve something (we use the gauntlet) from the field and return it to base unscathed – to win.

Hostage Rescue

A difficult one for the more experienced.

One player from each team is taken hostage by the opposition and starts at their base. The hostage must do what their kidnappers say for this game to be successful. The objective is to rescue your team mate without tagging him or her so it can be difficult. Everyone seems to have a different idea of how to play this. The hostage wears different coloured cams and headgear so identifying your hostage is relatively easy.

Search and Destroy

This one really gets the heart pumping.

While one team faces away from the field the other team is sent in to hide. After a short period of time the game commences and the attacking team go in search of their opposition. This game is based on time and when the last player is tagged the watch stops. Teams swap roles for the next game. The best time wins. When hiding players are tagged they are out but attacking players just need to return to base before re-entering the game.